Self Sovereign Identity and Blockchain are changing all aspects of business. Are you ready?
Free Strategy Session
Watch this quick video and get in touch if you would like a free strategy session with Darrell to prepare your organization for Self Sovereign Identity or Blockchain. You'll get:
  • An intense engagement with an industry expert that is passionate about making sure organizations don't fall behind the curve.
  • A clear understanding of where Self Sovereign Identity and Blockchain are changing your industry - and what you can do about these changes.
  • Access to Darrell's video briefings sent via email about every 2 weeks. This will keep you current.
  • A 90-day Action Plan that is yours to use as you want.
NOTE: This is NOT a Sales Pitch.
Darrell has helped organizations all over the world to make certain that their technology approach works for them. Here's just one bit of feedback from a globally respected plastic surgeon who was starting a project: 

"First of all, I want to thank you for your insight. The more I read it, the more detail I extract from it. Like a good movie. LOL. 
But before this, I want to tell you something perhaps even more profound. A deeper level of impact. By nature, I am a very skeptical person. I have to be, as people approach me all the time with their personal objectives way above mine. 
I was deeply moved by your altruistic giving of advice. I have to admit. I was always looking for the "catch" but all I found was generosity. I guess this is what you get when you hang around with truly good people."
- J.C. (globally leading plastic surgeon)
In this video Darrell provides a short overview about what self sovereign identity means for business.
“He sees through all the excuses and cuts to the solution. If you can face the truth, then Darrell will make your project as efficient and effective as possible.”
Gordon Freedman
CEO/Founder & Serial Entrepreneur
“You guys are like having someone in your corner that retains everything the world has to offer to make shit happen”
Terry Aucoin
CEO - OnPar Solutions
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